How To Become a Travel Nurse in 6 Steps – Complete Guide in 2022

What if you have a choice to decide on a future job according to your interest? If this happens, then as a female, it is a great idea to make your career in nursing. However, suppose you truly like the idea of meeting new people and traveling in different areas of the country by serving humanity. In that case, there is not any better option to make your career as a travel nurse. This profession provides a resume to you that documents several professional services in the medical field.

To become a travel nurse, you must know about the requirements needed for beginning a nurse as it is a great career option, which allows you to explore many new things. Although the standards and requirements are the same in the whole country, the experience may vary. Here, explore the following steps that help you to become a travel nurse.

Following steps to become a travel nurse:

How To Become a Travel NurseWell, some necessary steps and requirements are helpful to understand the nature of this profession. For your understanding, we have explored these essential steps for you.

  1. Understand the role of a travel nurse:

First of all, travel nurses work for those independent companies, who want to fill their positions across the world. However, the ongoing reduction in the number of nurses makes it very difficult for hospitals and clinics because their staffing needs are not appropriately maintained. In this manner, travel nurses play a vital role in fulfilling the absence of other nurses on vacation. So, they fulfill the temporary gaps. However, they don’t always need to work in different states or cities because some serve humanity in local hospitals. Thereby, if you are willing to try new experiences and meet new people, it is the perfect time to start your career as a travel nurse.

  1. Complete your BSN Degrees:

Secondly, if a nurse completes her Associate’s or bachelor’s degree from nursing programs, they are eligible for a travel nurse. It doesn’t matter where you are standing now in your profession; there are some courses that you must complete.

  • LPN to Associate in nursing polish your skills in practical activities and gives your a better nursing experience.
  • Associate of Science in nursing is an entry-level program in the career that you can complete in 24 months.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing program requires 3 years to complete. Mainly, this program is a better choice for new students.
  • Online RN to BSN program requires 12 months only to complete this course.
  • An accelerated bachelor of science in nursing degree makes you a professional travel nurse. However, you can complete this degree within 20 months or less.

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  1. Pass the NCLEX and become an RN:

When you graduate with any associate degree program, you have to prepare yourself for the NCLEX exam. Mainly, this exam is critical to passing if you want to become a registered nurse. Thereby, you will enjoy more benefits and an excellent earning rate. In this manner, when you pass this test and meet all the requirements of the nursing profession, then you become a permanent nurse. From this point, all your future success depends on your hard work. So, always try to gain more and more experience and enjoy several opportunities as a travel nurse.

  1. Gain Experience in your specialization:

After completing BSL and ACLS requirements, if you want to specialize in a field, you need extra licensing. For this, every place requires some experience. Some ask you for two years’ experience, and others ask you for 3 years’ experience as you know that your clinical background will determine your skills and knowledge about your profession. So, two years of experience in your specialization helps you a lot to pass the certification exams. In addition, this experience will also help you to be more mark stable for your opportunities.

  1. Apply for a nursing license:

To become a registered nurse in your country, you need to get a license from the state where you are working. In this manner, NLC works as an agreement between your registry and the state. Besides this, NLC helps you to become registered in several states. For this, it is essential to work in a state that is part of NLC because it enables you to get the multistate license easily. So, you must prefer to work in a state that is part of NLC for your progress your field.

  1. Find a travel nurse agency and start your profession:

Once your education, degrees, experience are in demand, you need to go for a travel nurse agency to move into a professional field. However, you have to make an effort to find an agency. For this, several sources help you in finding the right agency.

  • Join a professional networking site: To start your career, you must prefer to join a professional networking site. With this site, you can contact others, and there are more chances to get referrals.
  • Lead Generators: Mainly, such websites require your information and contact details to sell to different agencies. So, if an agency wants to work with you, it will contact you according to your contact details.

Benefits of working as a travel nurse:

Well, travel nurses have the same job nature as the permanent staff has. However, hospitals hire them on a contract basis to fulfill the need of absent staff. In addition, these nurses have to work for short durations. Above all, these nurses earn more salaries as compared to BSN prepared-nurses. Thereby, they can easily handsome amounts annually. Here, some other benefits of working as a travel nurse are:

  • Hospitals give them free housing.
  • They get different bonuses.
  • Travel reimbursement.
  • Health insurance.


To start your career as a travel nurse, you must have the ability to enjoy and make yourself comfortable in any situation. In this manner, you will become capable of adjusting different workflows and increase your confidence. In short, you need to be physically and emotionally strong because travel nurses are enjoying life benefits also.


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