How to Become a Medical Assistant: The Things You Must Do

A medical assistant is someone who assists the medical team with his best skills. Dealing with patients daily, making schedules with them, and taking vital signs are some of the tasks performed by MA. Now here the question is that How to Become a Medical Assistant? It involves many factors like getting an appropriate degree in medical assistance, appearing in the certification exam, and applying for an interview are some significant stages of becoming a MA.

Earn a Degree First 

To become a medical assistant, you need an educational degree in the respective field. Many colleges are offering two choices in this regard. The first of them is, go for a certificate or diploma for a medical assistant. Another option is an associate degree.

It depends on your choice; if you want to start your job real soon, you should go for a diploma, but if you are looking forward to earning another degree in the future, then the Associate degree program will serve you as a strong foundation for that.

The only difference in both programs is the length and curriculum. Getting a diploma will take only 10 to 12 months for its completion. It gives hands-on experience as well as education. On the other hand, an associate degree in medical assistant mostly lasts for two years with hands-on experience, education related to the topic, and some general education courses.

Appear in a certification exam 

Getting a degree is not enough to pursue a career as a medical assistant if you wish for a job at a reputable place. You need a certificate for that too. There are two options here as well for you to pursue. The one is the CMAAmerican Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) exam. Another is Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) exam. Hold tight because many curial topics like physiology, anatomy, medical terminology, safety, and legal compliance will be in the curriculum when you prepare for this exam.

Please don’t feel afraid because passing this exam will give you all the things you need in your life. Few places will offer you jobs without the requirement of (AAMA) or (RMA) but believe me, these exams will help you a lot better with your job position anywhere.

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Do an internship

Besides doing all the coursework and experimenting at the lab, you also need an internship or externship to understand medical education better. Internships are the best way to learn new things under the supervision of your supervisor. You will be thankful for it in the future. Not only will this experience give you many highlights to include on your resume, but you’ll feel empowered walking into job interviews after graduation.

How are exams going to cost?

As I have described earlier, it is CMA (AAMA) or RMA; if you go for CMA (AAMA), first complete the degree and workshops, and after 30 days apply for this exam, it will cost you $125. Other students who are non-recent and not a member of AAMA then they must have a transcript with them, and it will cost $250. Members are allowed to pay $125 for the exam. CMA (AAMA) consists of 200 multiple choice questions with a time limit of 40 times. In comparison, RMA will cost you $120 to appear in the exam, which is primarily non-refundable. It will cost you only $90 if you want to retake the exam in the same year.

Apply and Interviews 

Here comes the challenging part of all the time. Getting a proper degree and having a certificate is not enough to get a job. Applying at places and appearing in job interviews will be a big thing for some people.

If possible, you should apply to various places as you can, like private clinics, hospitals, and specialty centers. It will not harm you in any way; instead, it will bring opportunities for you. Learn to polish your communication skills. Interviews are primarily about communication between the two. If you master that trick, you will surely conquer the job. Lastly, ask your supervisor where you have done the internship previously if they have a proper job to offer you.

Sneak Peek into a salary package 

It is not safe to say before the job that how much you are going to earn. It is entirely dependent on the state where you are going to offer your services as a MA. According to a rough calculation, Alabama is offering $29,950 annually to a MA. The state of California is offering $42,900 annually to a medical assistant. It is safe to consider California as it has a lot of job vacancies for MA. These are just rough calculations; you must search for salaries on your own in the meantime.

Duties to be performed by MA 

Becoming a medical assistant is not an easy task to perform. You must master many skills to become a good one at your job. Scheduling appointments with your patients, managing medical records, billing and coding are essential tasks to perform by MA. You are talking to a patient about their problems and writing down their medical histories. A medical assistant must know how to draw blood from the patient’s body for some blood tests. Medical assistants prepare examinations rooms as well as patients for them. They can perform diagnostic tests and administration of medication. MA knows how to sterilize equipment. Besides all these things, the most important one is to communicate with your client. So, you better have this skill with you.

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Final Words 

Becoming a medical assistant is not an easy job but converting into one is the greatest. It is a highly paid job, and you can apply for this job in any state of the USA. I hope that this article will bring all the answers to your question, how to become a Medical Assistant? The key is to keep on learning new things as a medical assistant daily to give your best. We wish you the best of luck.


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