Ultimate list of Best Shoes for Nurses | Best Nursing Shoes Top List [2022]

Being a nurse is one of the most hectic and demanding jobs which keeps the person on one’s toe all day long. Besides bearing the mental pressure, this profession also demands to be physically fit. Attending to patients’ needs and care, these heroes can be seen running around all day during their entire shift with little or no rest at all. 

Why need a great pair of Nurse shoe?

Finding a pair of shoes that suits you is important for everyone especially for the nursing community. When you are on a long shift, wrong choice of shoes can leave you with different physical aches like bad knees, leg and back problems, shin splints.

Therefore, finding a right pair which will provide your feet with support and comfort is very essential. To assist you find the best shoes for nurses, we have assembled our list which can help you choose a pair according to your own needs and style. 

The Three Main Types of Nurses Shoes Explained

The nursing shoes come in various designs and styles featuring a lot of different qualities like good shock absorption, arch support, comfort level, ease to taking off and putting it back on, lightweight, flexibility. They can be broadly categorized into four main types. 

  • Clogs
  • Slip-on Shoes
  • Tennis Shoes/Sneakers


The clogs are by far the most popular among nurses and other professions which involve running and standing on your feet the entire day. The nursing community prefers clogs for a majority of reasons but mainly due to their stability and extra comfort. Clogs usually have closed back and closed front design with a strengthened toe region to protect your feet from unwanted spills and objects. 

Tennis Shoes/Sneakers

Tennis and sport shoes have naturally become a top choice of footwear among clinical and medical professions and its popularity is increasing day by day due to the wide range of styles and designs.

Nurses nowadays prefer these shoes because they are not only lightweight and flexible but they also provide the basic necessities essential for a nurse due to their hectic nature of the job like good shock 

Slip on shoes

Slip on shoes are also a favorite among nurses. The reason is that they provide for an easy on and off. As nurses spend most of their time on their feet, the slip on shoes can save their valuable time because they are easy to change if they ever get damaged or spilled. 

How Choosing Great Pair of Nursing shoes affects your daily routine as Nurse

One study reveals that nurses spend around 70 percent of their daily routine on their feet. In most of the cases they have to walk for 4-5 miles during their 12 hour shifts. With this hectic schedule, a great pair of nursing shoes can help reduce stress on their feet, back and legs by offering the right balance of comfort, support, durability and cushioning.

From a lightweight tennis shoe with a removable insole for arch support to a nursing clog with a leather upper for durability, there are a number of different shoes available all around for nurses with wide and flat feet which they can choose according to their feet anatomy.

Benefits of selecting a quality pair of nurse shoes 

Everyone knows in the nursing community that nurses have to spend long hours and shifts on their feet in the operating room. Wearing uncomfortable shoes that don’t fit or offer comfort will leave you with sore legs and painful feet.

In the majority of the cases, they often translate to long term back and leg problems which can prove to be costly. Fortunately, there are a variety of different shoes which are designed specifically to address the problems of the nursing community. A good quality nurse shoe can be helpful in the following areas

  • Lower back pain
  • Superior arch support
  • Prevent spine related problems
  • Reduce pressure on your feet and legs
  • Provide balance

The Grand List of Best Nursing Shoes for 2022

We have compiled our grand list of best nursing shoes keeping in mind the needs and essentials which nurses want in a good pair of nurse shoes. So without further ado, here is the grand list of best shoes for nurses.

List of 10 Best Nursing Shoes for Women

1.  The Dansko Women’s Professional Clog



The Dansko clogs are one of the world’s best rated shoes for nurses for both men and women because of their comfort and durability which is a necessity for people who are on their feet the entire day or during long hour shifts. If you happen to visit a hospital, you will find the majority of the doctors and nurses wearing the dansko women’s professional clogs. Only because of this, these shoes are often referred to as “Hospital Shoes”.

Besides comfort and durability, they are extremely good olymp trade free promo code looking which adds a lot to your personality. They also offer a spacious toe region for your toes to move around a little bit. The professional clog offers a contoured mid sole with excellent foot and back support.

The outsoles are about 2 inch high made of pure rubber which offers superior shock absorption. These amazing shoes are perfect for people with different feet conditions like high instep, low and high arch, wide and narrow feet.

With a wide range of colors and styles to choose from, you can pick the style which suits you.  If you are in search of comfortable nursing shoes, then look no more. The Dansko clogs are the shoes for you. 

  • lightweight
  • Very easy to clean
  • Good looking shoes. makes you look a lot more professional
  • ANTI Slippery. Great to wear at sloppy places
  • Removable insole
  • Easy fit
  • Superior shock absorption
  • Durable
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Improves posture. Great for reducing back and hip pain
  • excellent foot and arch support
  • The base isn’t as soft
  • They do require some time for break in period
  • This clog is not cheap



2. Alegria Women's Keli Professional

Alegria Keli Esher



The Alegria women’s Keli professional is one of the most comfortable shoes you will find in market these days. Besides Dansko, this shoe definitely qualifies in the top five nursing shoes among healthcare professionals. The alegria keli is a strong shoe which besides providing comfort, offers a huge variety of seasonal colors to make you look good during the entire day. 

They have a polyurethane sole and are slip resistant, one can really tell the difference between the alegria keli professional and other regular shoes if you are working on a tile floor. Additionally, they are lightweight which comes with a padded instep and back collar.

They have an awesome fit from the first day even if you are wearing socks which keeps getting better day after day. They mold to your foot and become custom shaped to you over time. The main feature of alegria keli is the perfect fit footbed which is replaceable and unique leather lining.

Keli offers flexibility in the forefoot area allowing that heel to stay cozy with each step. These shoes have been designed with a plentiful toe region to accommodate for orthopedic patients as well.

  • Offers good comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect fit footbed
  • Slip resistant
  • Inconsistent sizing
  • Not hard-wearing



3. Brooks Womens Adrenaline GTS 20 Running Shoe

Brooks Womens Adrenaline GTS 20 Running Shoe



The brooks adrenaline has been the top running shoes on the market for the past 20 years or so. The GTS stands for go to shoe. It is literally the “go to shoes'' for nurses and other athletes as well who are constantly on their feet all day.

With a blend of comfort and flexibility the Brooks GTS 20 offers a variety of features to choose from. Its sole is made of rubber and comes with a streamlined design to accommodate for runners who want a low profile look.

Brooks use their Biomogo DNA foam and they also have their DNA loft foam. So it is a combination of two foams to give you a really nice stable and responsive ride. DNA loft foam is located in the heel region of the shoes to give you a softer landing while running and the Biomogo foam is everywhere else in the shoes.

One of the main benefits of the GTS 20 is the guide rails holistic support system which focuses mainly on the most prone to injury parts of a runner’s body like the knees. By keeping the excess movement of the heels in check, Guide rails lets you move more comfortably.

No other shoe can match the stability of the Brooks Women’s adrenaline GTS 20 as it is one of the most stable shoes of all time.

  • Provides good stability
  • Guide Rails to provide support to knees
  • Comfortable heel grip
  • No removable insole
  • Not easy to clean
  • Little overweight



4.  Adidas Women's Cloud foam Pure Running Shoe


The adidas women’s cloud foam is the number 1 best seller on amazon today with an approval rating of 4.6. These are the kind of shoes you will fall in love with if you are into fitness, or you walk around a lot or you are on your feet for your job like the nursing community because of its exceptional comfort and stylish design.

The Bootie construction hugs the foot for a perfect fit while a helpful heel support tab makes for an easy on and off. The striking feature of this shoe is the meshy construction of the upper part of the shoe which gives ample space for your feet to breathe. In addition it keeps the shoe breathable. The platform of the shoe measures approximately to around 0-3 inches.

The cloud foam midsole and outsole provides for a step in comfort and superior cushioning. The best part about the adidas cloud foam shoe is that these shoes are suitable for casual wear because of its elegant design. They are extremely light weight and like the name of the shoe suggests it literally feels like you are running on clouds but with good support. 

  • Perfect fit
  • Breathable upper
  • Superior cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Elegant design
  • Can be used as gym shoes
  • Narrow shoe



5.  Skechers Women's D'Lites Memory Foam Lace-up Sneaker



If you are someone that loves the retro look but you really need to wear a sneaker that is going to give you comfort through the day this is going to do it for you. As the name implies these running shoes are going to be a delight to wear. It has a leather upper with a smooth finish.

What’s great is that they are synthetic overlays so it is going to be perfect for durability. It contains plenty of breathable mesh throughout its interior. And air-cooled memory foams to help you stay comfortable all day long.

This athletic looking shoe comes with a Strike Foam memory foam footbed which is soft and cushy. These shoes are extremely flexible and the lightweight midsole helps with shock absorption. The Cloudfoam memory sockline molds to the type of your foot to give you an incredible step in comfort.

  • air-cooled memory foam
  • incredible step in comfort
  • Durable
  • Very comfortable
  • May need some orthotic for people with high arches



6.  ASICS GT-2000 7 Women's Running Shoes



The Asics GT-2000 7 is a super slick looking shoe with awesome support which you can wear indoors, outdoors, or wherever you want. These shoes are particularly best for nurses which comes with a lot of features. They offer a lace-up design with a padded tongue and a padded collar for all-day comfort.

On the Inside, they have soft linings with a padded footbed which is going to keep your feet nice and comfy when you are on that run. It has got stable support, some high energizing lightweight flexible response and it keeps you going all day in a 10mm heel to toe drop to reduce any strain on those lower limbs.

The upper is made from a breathable mesh and synthetic combo to give you a superior fit, breathability, and long-lasting durability. It is going to increase stability, give you lightweight cushioning, and tons of balance off your step. The rear foot has gel systems installed in them which gives you a real nice squishy feeling while providing you with tons of cushion.

These shoes come with a flytefoam technology which basically provides super lightweight cushioning making you feel comfortable all day long. Also, it contains the awesome ortholite sockliner which provides a contoured fit. These shoes are also best for people who need arch support.

The midsole of the shoe is made up of SpevaFoam Midsole Material which increases the durability of the shoes. The Guidance Line and Trusstic System on the base of the shoe give you so much amazing construction design and of keeping that foot where it needs to be and providing a straight line through the run.

Lastly, on the bottom, there is a durable rubber outsole for excellent ground contact and long lasting support with each and every step.

  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Stable support
  • Ortholite Sockliner
  • Extremely Good Durability
  • Requires a little break in period



7.  Nurse Mates Women's Velocity Medical Professional Shoe



The Nurse Mates women’s velocity shoe is one of the favorites among medical professionals. It is made with a durable, full-grain leather upper and it has got a nicely rounded toe at the front. With a lightly padded tongue and collar, these shoes contain an easy and elastic lacing system for an excellent fit and additional comfort.

There is a soft and breathable cotton lining on the inside. The velocity shoes come with a firm yet flexible dual density foam footbed to help absorb shock and it has a built in arch for that great support and all day wear. It does include embedded composite shanks for added stability.

They are extremely lightweight with shock absorbing slip resistant outsole that also provides great flexibility with every step. Tons of colors and prints are available that suit you. Feel the difference of proper positioning from the ground up with the women’s velocity professional shoe by nurse mates.

  • Durable leather upper
  • Excellent Fit
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Shock absorbing slip resistant outsole
  • Flexible
  • Narrow toe region



8.  Alegria Women's Paloma Flat



Based on the classic Mary Jane Shoe style, this shoe is ideal for the woman who is on her feet throughout the entire day and needs somewhat added fun and style. . It has a super soft beautiful leather upper design with a Mary Jane style strap that has a faux button on the top button hook which makes for an easy on and off each time.

The inside of the shoe has a soft leather lining while the footbed on the interior provides excellent arch support, stability, and shock absorption. The insole of the shoe is removable to deliver that extra comfort needed after a long day’s work. One of the qualities of the Alegria women’s Paloma flat is that it can accommodate both wide and flat feet.

The midsole and outsole are made with polyurethane to help reduce hill and central metatarsal pressure.  The bottom of the shoe is flat to help increase your stability. Rocker design on the front and back of the shoe helps you to move forward for easy walking resulting in less tired feet and legs at the end of the day.

  • Easy on and off
  • Can accommodate both wide and flat feet
  • Polyurethane outsole
  • Good stability
  • Mary jane style Strap 
  • Colors may fade with time



9.  Sticky Comfortable Work Shoes for Women - Nursing - Chef - Waterproof Non-Slip Pro Shoes



This stylish and comfortable shoe is a must have for nurses working long shifts. These shoes are tremendously popular all over the world especially in the UK. The best feature of the Sticky shoes is that it is completely waterproof.

The upper is made of leather which is also waterproof so say goodbye to all the worrying of wet feet. It also serves as a great chef shoe and has a strong non slip outsole while the insole is made of an absorbent material which helps to keep your feet dry all day long.

One of its key featurs is that it also provides excellent shock support.  Another good quality of this shoe is that it is extremely lightweight and offer great arch support for your back feet and legs. They do not make a noise when you walk and the fit is accurate.

Besides being flexible, they are very easy to clean. These shoes are perfect for those who have wide feet and require a lot of cushion. You can even wear these outside when it’s raining because its non-slip quality is that good. Because of these amazing features, these shoes are undoubtedly among the top favorites of nurses.

  • lightweight 
  • strong shock support
  • waterproof upper
  • slip resistant outsole
  • Affordable
  • very easy to clean
  • superior arch support 
  • Feet gets hot when worn for extended periods



10.  Under Armour Women's Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe



The under armour lightweight running shoe is one of the top choices among clinical experts. It has a breathable leather upper and synthetic overlays placed in important parts of the shoe to provide stability and protection. This stylish shoe comes with a beautiful lace up design  on the front and there are also unique laces on the sides to provide a secure fit.

The tongue and collar of the shoe is nicely padded to give the feet that extra comfort. EVA sockliner placed inside the shoe provides soft cushioning. And a pull tab placed at the heel of the shoe makes for an easy on and off. The elegant Charged Cushioning midsole design absorbs shock while keeping the feet comfortable. This running shoe is very flexible and it also features a durable rubber outsole.

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Soft eva sockliner
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Flexible 
  • Not easy to clean



List of 7 Best Nursing Shoes for Men

Although the nursing job is occupied by more women than men, that doesn’t mean that we have left out the male nurses which comprise about 12% of the nursing industry according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Although there is a major difference in the foot anatomy of men and women, at the end of the day, both male and female nurses are looking for a comfortable pair of nurse shoes to get them through the long hour shifts. Here is the list of the top ten best nursing shoes for men.

1.  Keen Utility Men's PTC Slip-ON II-M



If you are on your feet for 10 or more hours a day the Men’s Keen utility slip on shoes are the perfect nurse shoes to make you comfortable. These sleek shoes come with a waterproof, super soft, stain resistant upper for protection and a long lasting beautiful finish.

The base of the shoe contains the memory foam footbed which contours the figure fit perfectly and has perforations to keep it breathable.. This shoe has an easy slip on construction with goring inserts on either side of the shoe. It is nicely lined on the interior with leather lining for comfort next to the skin.

A compression molded EVA midsole helps absorb shock with each and every step while also providing lots of underfoot support  and the outsole is oil and slip resistant non marking rubber so you can stand tall and strong all day long.

  • Good shock absorption
  • Waterproof 
  • Slip resistant
  • Very comfortable
  • Not slip resistant



2.  ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 7 Trail Running Shoes



This awesome pair of great running shoes for men features a very durable and breathable mesh upper. The synthetic overlays are placed throughout key areas of the shoes to provide structural support and protection. The distinctive lace up design and reinforced stitching at the toe area provides for a secure fit for the foot.

The tongue and collar are padded for giving additional comfort and a pull tab at the heel offers an easy on and off. There is extra cushioning in the heel and footbed to absorb shock and give long lasting comfort. These shoes come with the special X-40 sockliner which contains amazing advanced rebound properties which are very essential in running shoes. It also provides exceptional moisture management while also giving the shoe great breathability.

These shoes are also perfect for people who are plus size or have wide feet. It also works wonders for people having spinal problems or suffering from plantar fasciitis. With a great price and so many awesome features, there is absolutely no reason not to buy these fantastic shoes.

  • special X-40 sockliner
  • extra padded tongue and collar
  • exceptional moisture management for sweaty feet
  • great breathability
  • advanced rebound properties
  • easy on and off
  • durable
  • affordable price
  • Yet to be decided



3.  K-Swiss Men's ST329 CMF Training Shoe



This amazing pair of clinical shoes are built out of a sturdy leather upper with a padded collar and tongue to give you a snug comfortable fit. Full leather upper provides lateral support and a superior cradle for the foot. The textile collar lining along with the memory foam sockliner gives you brilliant comfort with each and every step.

The molded eva midsole provides you with added comfort and good shock absorption needed in a pair of good nursing shoes. These good looking shoes can also easily be transitioned from a working shoe to a casual shoe which is not the case with every nursing shoe.

The Drag Guard Rubber & Aosta Rubber Outsole offers great flexibility also. Keep your feet nice and comfortable with these awesome pairs of shoes from k-Swiss.

  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Greater shock absorption
  • Feels a little tight on the top



4.  Adidas Men’s Alphabounce Beyond Running Shoe



As the name states the Adidas men’s alpha bounce running shoes will boost you up because of the energized foam cushioning at the midsole to provide a fast springy feel and lighting fast rebound with every stride. They offer a front lace up design with a heel pull up tab for an easy on and off and plush step in comfort.

These extremely lightweight and comfortable shoes also feature the seamless stretchable mesh upper to provide breathability for your feet. The inside of the shoes comes with a smooth textile lining and a lightly padded textile footbed to hold the foot in place.

There are a variety of appealing designs and color options available to choose from. The bottom contains a continental rubber outsole with stability pods to support the multidirectional movement

  • energized foam cushioning for added comfort
  • Supportive Forged Mesh upper provides breathability
  • Lightweight
  • Variety of Appealing colors and designs 
  • Easy on and off
  • Not bleach compatible



5.  Skechers for Work Men's Flex Advantage Mcallen Food Service Shoe



These great looking shoes from skechers are among the top choices for men in health care and food service departments. They feature a slip resistant outsole which is a necessity for male nurses working in these areas. It contains a synthetic and textile upper with elastic goring at the sides to make sure you have a customized fit.

It contains a roomier toe box and has a padded collar and reinforced stitched seams. Soft fabric lining on the inside with a cushioned memory foam insole is going to make your feet feel great when standing or running around all day.

  • Roomier toe box
  • Slip resistant outsole
  • Elastic goring on sides
  • Cushioned Memory foam insole
  • They smell when used for longer periods
  • Little heel cushioning
  • Limited style and colors



6.  Under Armour Men's Charged Commit 2.0 Cross Trainer



These great training shoes from under armour features a very lightweight mesh upper for great breathability. The overlays are present in the key areas of the shoe for added durability and protection and the leather is very easy to clean.  Padding at the tongue and collar with a pull tab at the heel so you can throw it on with ease.

The cushioned sockliner takes the shape of your foot and helps to provide underfoot comfort. The charged cushioning midsole helps to absorb shock with great ease. The lightweight shoe itself has a flexible design and sits on top of a dual density rubber outsole. This great running shoe is ideal for male nurses who are on their feet for long hours.

  • charged cushioning midsole
  • superior shock absorption
  • lightweight
  • greater flexibility
  • The heel part is slightly hard



7.  Hoka One One Bondi 6 



This highly cushioned shoe from Hoka is very popular for both male and female nurses.  The Hoka One one Bondi 6  features a breathable mesh upper with synthetic overlays throughout the shoe with a pull tab located at the heel .The midsole is designed to create a smoother ride and more enhanced underfoot field.

It has a Meta rocker design which helps to propel your feet forward with ease.  These shoes come with a traditional lace up design with extra paddings on both the tongue and collar which provides for a secure fit. It also features an ortholite footbed which is removable to aid in absorbing shock and providing comfort.

The footbed has antimicrobial properties which keep the foot environment fresh. The Bondi 6 features a variety of different colors and designs to express yourself. Highly textured rubber outsole at the bottom allows your foot to land safely during your long hours on the job.

  • Removable Ortholite footbed
  • Greater shock absorption
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Meta rocker design
  • Durable
  • Not easy to clean



6 Best Clogs for Men/Women Nurses

1.  Crocs Classic Lined Clog | Warm and Fuzzy Slippers



Nursing is not an easy profession as it demands to be on your feet and running during the whole shift hours. All the health care professionals should own this pair of crocs slippers because besides being cute, these are the most comfortable shoes of all time.

They come with a faux fur which is covering the majority of the area in the inside sole. The thing which differentiates these with the regular crocs is that the holes present on the top of the shoe are covered from the inside with the lining which was not the case with the regular crocs.

It comes with a traditional heel strap for ensuring a secure fit. They are extremely easy to wear and incredibly lightweight. Also these shoes are very affordable and very easy to clean as well.

These classy nursing crocs are made with croslite foam and are fun to wear everywhere whether you are at work or at home. These may take some getting used to if you are wearing Crocs for the first time as people often don’t like the overall look but the comfort which these nursing shoes provide is matchless due to which these shoes are always among the best nursing shoes.

  • Most comfortable
  • Traditional heel strap for ensuring a secure fit
  • Affordable price range (on a budget)
  • Inner lining isn’t removab



2.  Dansko Women's Ingrid Open-Back Clog



The Dansko women’s Ingrid comes with a high quality leather upper that follows the natural contours of the foot. It’s wrapped around synthetic foam helps absorb and evaporate perspiration to prevent the accumulation of unwanted odor.

This shoe also features a fully convertible strap that you can wear around the heel or across the instep according to your liking and style. And on the bottom you will find a polyurethane outsole that provides shock absorption and flexibility.

If your feet have been needing some therapeutic comfort then you have found them with these shoes from Dansko’s.  The heel of the shoes measures approximately 2 inches. The PU outsole of the shoe helps to drive foot forward while offering exceptional shock absorption. This shoe also contains a strengthened toe box to provide breathing area for our toes.

  • polyurethane outsole to provide shock absorption 
  • Good shock absorption
  • Spacious toe region
  • Durable
  • the sole is quite hard
  • very few colors and styles to choose from



3.  KLOGS Footwear Women's Naples Leather Closed-Back Nursing Clog



These shoes are crafted with a shiny upper leather and they are available in so many different color waves and patterns to choose from. The klogs shoes are here to brighten your day, they feature two side stretches, so you can easily slide your foot in and out.

 The material on the platform part of the shoe makes it easier to sustain prolonged walking and standing positions for 12-16 hour shifts. The inside of the Klogs footwear nursing clog has a microfiber lining that will feel great against your feet and is very soft. Also the microfiber lining absorbs odor and helps to keep your feet dry all day.

It is an excellent shoe for providing aid in reducing pressure on your feet, legs and back so you can work those long hours in more comfort. It contains a wide toe box so when your feet swell by working those long hour shifts, your toes don’t feel cramp. The insole and outsole are both made of polyurethane material which is also slip resistant and is excellent in absorbing shock.

This is an outstanding comfortable shoe for orthopedic patients as well because the contoured polyurethane footbed can also be removed. Add a little flair to your everyday work wear with these awesome shoes from Klogs footwear.

  • Leather upper
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy slip on slip off
  • Soft microfiber lining absorbs unwanted odor
  • Slip resistant 
  • Little noisy



4.  Crocs Women's Mercy Work Clog | Work Shoes, Nurse Shoes, Chef Shoes



The crocs are designed specifically for women in the food, responsibility, healthcare and service industries. Overall it serves as one of the best shoes for nurses and nursing students because of its comfort and easiness to clean and dry. These shoes are so comfortable that you will hardly feel the usual "foot fatigue" at the end of a shift.

The heel strap on the shoes does a good job keeping your feet in place when you walk or run. The mercy work is constructed of our croslite material which conforms to the foot to create an insole that perfectly cradles your feet with arch support and comfort. The treads of the shoes offer slip resistant which exceeds industry standards for oil, water and other slippery surfaces.

It has an enclosed toe box and tiny little nubs lining the foot bed for a massage like feel that stimulates circulation and increases blood flow. It comes with a great rubber outsole which has tons of textures to keep you stable nearly anywhere you go. If u work on your feet all day make yourself more comfortable with these mercy clogs. 

  • Heel covering backstrap
  • Soft nubbed footbed
  • Rubber outsole
  • Slip resistant
  • Excellent arch support
  • May experience breathability issues



5.  Timberland PRO Women's Renova Professional Slip-On Clog


The timberland pro Renova Professional Clogs are probably the BEST shoes if your job keeps you on your feet the entire time like the nursing community. These extraordinary shoes require no break in period as they provide comfort and support from day 1.

These slip ons feature concealed goring insets to allow room for stretch and movement of your feet and scotchgard protector to provide stain resistance .These clogs come with an anti-fatigue technology which delivers you greater shock absorption and comfort. They have a heel to toe rocker sole design which helps to reduce pressure on the forefoot area.

Additionally, they contain this extraordinary odor control technology which helps to damp moisture leaving you with fresh pleasant feet all day long. These are also very easy to clean as you can wipe them down with Clorox wipes after each shift. They have an anatomically shaped toe box which provides plenty of room in the toe area for swelling after being on your feet too long. 

  • Fits true to size
  • Anti-fatigue Technology
  • anatomically shaped toe box
  • odor control technology
  • easy to clean
  • Limited Colors
  • A little expensive



6.  CALZURO Autoclavable Clog with Upper Ventilation



The Calzuro clogs are very popular among the hospital staff because of its many qualities. The best one is that these are so very easy to clean. They can be cleaned by sterilizing them in the autoclave, disinfecting them with bleach or simply throwing them in the washing machine directly .

These shoes also come with a 1.5 inch heel to reduce fatigue on your feet and legs. One of the key featurs of these shoes is their shock absorbtion and theri arch support which is also required in a good apir of nurshing sheos.They also provide for an easy on and off.

They also come in a lot of colors and styles to choose from. Another important feature about these shoes is the upper ventilation. They keep your feet fresh and provide the necessary breathability when you are on your feet all day. 

  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Limited Colors
  • Reduce fatigue 
  • Upper ventilation
  • Breathability 
  • A little overpriced



Best Nursing Shoes for people having Medical conditions

1. OOFOS Unisex OOCloog Post Exercise Active Recovery Footwear Plantar Fasciitis & Impact Absorbing Orthopedic Foot & Heel Pain Relief Slipper Clog Shoe



Treat your feet with something sweet with this stylish clog from OOFOS. This amazing shoe is made of leather upper which is super soft and flexible to the touch. It is actually designed to soothe and reinvigorate feet after a tough day of work.

As evident from its looks, this shoe has an easy slip on design because the last thing you want to do is to struggle to get into some shoes during hectic hours of nursing duty. This shoe features the special OOfoam recovery technology which absorbs 37% more impact than other traditional footwear foams allowing your feet to attain maximum comfort.

The inside of the shoe contains smooth linings that also features an odor resistant and moisture management system to make your feet feel fresh all day every day. The footbed of the shoe has the cushioning technology that’s built to absorb impact while cradling your arch and promoting your foot's natural movements.

These clogs are also designed to address the problems of nurses suffering from plantar fasciitis or having orthopedic feet so they can perform their everyday duties comfortably without any foot or heel pain. Another quality of these shoes is that they are very easy to clean, just throw these in a washing machine and they will come out as good as new.

  • OOfoam recovery technology absorbing 37% more impact than others
  • Easy to clean
  • Good for nurses with orthopedic feet and plantar fasciitis
  • Super soft and flexible
  • Odor resistant
  • Lesser breathability for feet



2.  Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women's G-Defy Mighty Walk - Shoes for Heel Pain, Foot Pain, Plantar Fasciitis



The unique feature of the gravity defyer shoes is the patented verso shock technology which helps to relieve pain, discomfort and help you stand for longer periods of time. Verso shock technology works by absorbing harmful impacts in a way no other shoe can.

There is a specialized spring system installed at the heel of the shoe. As the foot strikes the ground the heel engages a hidden spring system. The compression gently cushions your foot and the rocker forefoot design returns positive upward energy through your next step. It also comes with the seamless interior to tackle the problems of nurses which have sensitive feet and diabetic neuropathy by preventing irritation.

The insoles of the G-defy Might walk are removable to accommodate custom orthotic support. The toe area of these splendid shoes have extra depth for bunions, diabetes and plantar fasciitis. Walk further with extreme comfort and stay more active with these wonderful shoes from gravity defyer. 

  • Verso shock technology
  • Seamless interior
  • Removable insoles
  • Wide toe box
  • Not lightweight



Best Sneaker for Nurses

Reebok Women's Princess Sneaker



With the reebok women’s princess sneaker you are going to feel like royalty. This shoe is super sleek and it is one the classics from Reebok with a low profile design and beautiful construction. This sneaker has a soft smooth premium leather upper for support and comfort.

It is also going to give you a great fit too thanks to the wonderful lace up design. The reebok princess sneaker features soft terry lining which provides good moisture management. It also comes with a padded foam sockliner that is going to give you tons of cushioning.

These stylish sneakers have a die-cut EVA midsole and an abrasive rubber outsole that is going to be great on traction and durability. Plus it won’t weigh you down because it’s super lightweight and flexible too.  

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Wonderful lace up design for a great fit
  • Absorbs moisture with soft terry lining
  • Eva midsole
  • Seamless interior
  • Removable insoles
  • Wide toe box
  • Lower toe box



What to Remember Before buying the Right nursing Shoes (Mens/Women)

Finding the right pair of nurse shoes is no walk in the park especially when you are trying to get the best value for your money. It often consumes a lot of time and preparation to choose the best nursing shoes.

Considering you will be on your feet for the majority of the time, so naturally, you would want them to be as comfortable as possible according to your feet anatomy. Here are some of the vital characteristics you should look for in a great nursing shoe:

Right size

Finding the right size of shoes that fit you perfectly may seem to be a clear point to make. However, this point should not be taken lightly. Never choose a shoe size which is tight. Remember your feet can become swollen after spending long hours on your feet so it is very essential to find your true feet size.

Material and build quality of Upper

This is another characteristic that is very important to consider while finding a good nursing shoe. The quality of the upper material of the shoe should be both durable and very easy to clean. In a hospital, nurses can come in contact with various types of fluids of medicines or different chemicals which can prove to be a very messy situation for the nurse.

Material and build quality of Sole

Just like the quality of the upper, the build quality of the sole is also very important. The sole should be made of a material that is both durable and provides good traction too. Generally, the sole made of leather is considered the best choice.

Arch support, Size, and comfort

Different people have different foot anatomy and consequently different arch heights. The nursing shoes come in different arch sizes (low and high arch) to cater to all the people in the nursing community. You should be very clear about your arch size and select the shoes accordingly because the wrong shoe could lead to different strains and pains on the legs and feet. 

Style, Design and Color

The style and design of the shoes are important considerations while finding the best shoes for nurses. Shoes can come in multiple design patterns and colors but you should go for shoes that don’t only have a nicer appearance but are comfortable as well. Nurses normally go for darker colored shoes to avoid the inevitable stains and spills instead of white shoes. also choosing the shoes which are slip on's and have a wider toe box helps to pass the long hours on shifts in more comfort. 

Slip Resistant

Slip resistance is one of the most essential features to look for in a good nursing shoe. Hospital floors are usually very slippery which can lead to serious injuries when you are running in a hurry which is normal practice for nurses. So make sure your shoes are slip resistant and provide good stability to keep yourself safe during your work routine.


Generally, the cost of nursing shoes varies depending upon the design, material, and features. However, do not compromise comfort over cost because it is always better to pay a little extra than to spend the day in discomfort and pain.


Currently, there are many nursing shoes available from different popular brands like Dansko, Alegria and Nurse Mates. These brands contain numerous styles to choose from but be sure to choose the one that will offer the best fit, are easy to clean and offer long lasting comfort. Don’t hesitate to take your time finding the right pair of nursing shoes as it could prove to be a difficult decision. Your job is way too important to settle for anything less than perfect.


Should nurses get an alternate pair of nursing shoes?

Currently, there are a lot of nursing brands which offer different qualities. All nurses have their own preferences when it comes to choosing a nursing shoe . Therefore it is recommended to carry an extra pair of nursing shoes around which you can shift during your long hours from clogs to tennis shoes to slips ons according to your personal liking. 

Why do nurses mostly wear white shoes?

Although wearing white shoes isn’t a must requirement for nurses, there are a lot of comfortable nursing shoes available in the form of stylish sneakers and clogs. But nurses usually prefer white shoes because it shows a symbol of hygiene, trustworthiness and hope.

Can your feet get damaged from being on your feet all day?

Standing on your feet all day can put a lot of stress on your feet back and knees. So it is very essential to find a good pair of comfortable nursing shoes to get you thorugh your heavy routine.

What essential features are required in a good nursing shoe?

A good nursing shoe must cater to all the problems nurses face on a daily basis. Some of the must have qualities of a nursing shoe include 

  • Comfort
  • Slip resistant 
  • Good arch support
  • Affordable
  • Stylish 
  • Easy to put on and off

Are crocs a good nursing shoe?

The best thing about crocs is that they come with a comfortable footbed , have plenty of room in the toe area , are very easy to put on and off. These are some of the main qualities which nurses are looking for after working several hours on their feet. So naturally, crocs have become a popular choice among nurses.

Are clogs good for nursing?

Clogs are very popular choice of footwear among nurses because they provide them with the necessary support and comfort which is needed to get through a long shift.