Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses 2022 – Buying Guide and Review of Top 6 Picks

Being a nurse, you must dedicate your complete morning and evening to caregiving for sufferers. This unwavering dedication explains that you don’t have room for yourself or your household and friends. There are multiple benefits to engage in the best shoes for pregnant nurses.

Whenever a woman is going through starting a family, among the essential things to remember is to ease her brain and muscles. As you walk fewer, your body helps to relax, but unhappily, a nurse’s profession requires a pretty good deal of walking.

In addition, motherhood may be an unpleasant experience, ranging from sickness and weight gain to gastritis and back muscles discomfort. After all, to facilitate your developing bundle of happiness, your physique must endure a plethora of modifications.

Did you acknowledge, though, that the shape and form of your feet may fluctuate as well? When you’re pregnant, you can anticipate your feet to expand, but you’ll also demand proper footwear to give comfort and grip as your body grows and your axis of equilibrium moves.

Why Is It Necessary to Look For The Best Shoes For Pregnant Nurses

est Shoes for Pregnant NursesYou should identify the appropriate footwear to ensure your relaxation and avoid harm. However, practical footwear does not seem to be unattractive!

However, you still must pick the remarkable shoes for pregnant ladies because your system does not become more tired while on the job. Your feet are not only lifting you but also the fetus! So it’s no surprise that pinchy fingers, blister-inducing heels, and harsh, straight soles have worn you down. Your swelled feet deserve much better; that’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top pregnant footwear that offer both relief and style. Here is the list of good shoes for pregnant nurses.

1. Tiosebon Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes

best shoes for swollen pregnant feet

An engorged foot is indeed irritating, but it may also be stressful. To prevent these scenarios, you should purchase sneakers with plenty of room for your digits. The Tiosebon Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes are excellent for your foot since they don’t suffocate your toes and manage them to extend as required.

The essential style is attractive, but it is also quite flexible for nurses, instructors, and workers. Choose these attentively comfortable shoes for expectant mothers if you wish to adopt a decent and remarkable appearance while being comfortable.

TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes are fantastic shoes for expecting nurses since they are trendy and adequate to blend with your nursing uniform.


The featherweight sneaker from Tiosebon blends a sturdy, roll outsole with a ventilated fabric top to create footwear that is both serviceable and fashionable. The shoe’s foot-hugging fitting also has a padded foam footbed and a heel button that facilitates sliding it on and off a snap.

In addition, they can relieve your lumbar discomfort by offering ample stability and allowing your legs to relieve stress when traveling. These are the ideal shoes since they have a breathable cushion and a short base. You can also read How To Become a Travel Nurse

In addition, these sneakers have a unique design that renders them ideal for maternity nurses with falling ankles.

  • They’re shock-absorbent.
  • They’re slip-on, so they won’t require you a significant period to pull on.
  • They also have a cushion foam outsole that is quite comfy.
  • The tops are stretchy.
  • Incredibly pleasant for arches that have dropped.
  • The material is somewhat delicate, so these shoes require more care than others. In addition, because the textile is fragile, this footwear necessitates greater attention than other varieties designed for comparable function.
  • If you do not use socks, some individuals experience difficulties with their shoes irritating the tops of their feet.
  • Wide-footed people may not be capable of wearing them comfortably.



2. Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Shimmer

comfortable shoes for pregnancy

Yoga Sling 2 Shimmer will let you shine brighter. Sanuk’s yoga slings are best suited for moms-to-be. Why? Since they’re adorable. They are at ease with their surroundings. They’re made of absorbent material. They include a sturdy ankle cuff and cushioning constructed from genuine yoga mats.

It’s as though you’re moving on air! The softest, coziest sling sandals ever—with actual yoga mat footbeds—now include silky smooth, gleaming silver stretch-knit bands to let your energy radiate brilliantly throughout the day and night. What’s even more, it consists of an anti-slip outsole, which is very favorable for pregnant women.


Cotton straps, composite uppers, and a patterned insole characterize this lightweight footwear. Pregnant nurses may now chill out and embrace the sunshine while performing long rounds at the institution. The sandals are designed in such a way that they are convenient for expecting nurses.

Whenever you keep them for an extended period of duration, it delivers you snug and pleasant sensation. The slipper’s exquisite construction is smooth and fluffy. Expecting nurses may utilize them at the house and the workplace since they incorporate all of the characteristics that a female nurse desires in footwear.

  • 100% synthetic
  • Footbed made from natural yoga mat with a sealed edge
  • Happy U rubber sponge outsole
  • Lightweight, two-way stretch knit upper featuring Yoga Sling comfort
  • This is too flat, which can cause discomfort for the fallen arches
  • Don’t have the anti-slip support


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3. Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe

best workout shoes for pregnancy

When executing your stressful profession as a nurse, you must soothe your body as often as necessary throughout pregnancy. Please remember that on-duty nurses have to be at peace in their shoes, specifically at this moment. When choosing the finest shoes for expecting nurses, Sketchers Walking Shoes are the most incredible option.

Every stride you undertake in these slip-on Sketchers Walking Shoes promises you pure delight and exhilaration. Because this is a traveling shoe, you can anticipate it to withstand the rigors of the workplace.

It has a reliable mesh architecture, offering it a super-duper look. These sneakers meet this prominent brand’s high artistic criteria. The leather is stretchy, allowing it to expand to fit the contour or thickness of the foot.


These shoes are primarily made of woven fabric. They also have a composite sole that provides excellent traction on the surface. As a result, there have been no chance about slipping or falling. The front part of the shoe is fluffy and flexible, allowing you to slip your foot in effortlessly.

The outer molding produces an excellent fit while your feet are underneath the sneaker. As a result, the shoe provides unrivaled stability and ease. Rubber soles, comfortable midsoles, ventilated mesh fabrication, and shock attenuation mechanisms are all credited. In addition, they are the finest tennis shoes for nurses.

  • The shoe’s top is made of a flexible fabric.
  • Mesh that is breathable.
  • Silky lining and cushioned collar.
  • The sole is comfy.
  • Midsole padded by 5Gen.
  • The soles aren’t strong enough to give sufficient foot support.
  • When going outside, the sole’s shape might permit tiny pebbles to become stuck in the creases.



4. Skechers Women’s Flex Appeal 2.0 Sneaker

Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses Reviews

Pregnant ladies who choose to wear wrapped shoes want footwear that assists their gait stance. These 100% knit material sneakers are perfect for anybody who like wearing garment shoes. Skechers Women’s Flex Appeal 2.0 Sneakers are foreign sneakers with a rubber foundation and a wedge correctly aligned with the frame.

Suppose you’re a pregnant nurse who suffers from a falling arch or hip discomfort due to lengthy shifts. Then you’ve come to the correct place. The Skechers Women’s Flex Appeal 2.0 Sneaker ensures that your toes are securely positioned and do not have lumbar aches.

These shoes are more practical to wear these days because of their elasticity. In addition, these sneakers are comfortable.These are the best tenis shoes for pregnant nurses. You can also read our blog about How to Become a Medical Coder here.


The shoes’ unique physiological innovation guarantees that you may spend your day in complete pleasure and esteem. The front section of the shoe is flexible and stretchy, making it effortless to slide your foot within. You may also use mild water plus detergent to wash away the filth that has collected.

The rubberized sole is durable and non-slip. It serves to keep your posture on damp terrain in just this manner. The detachable midsole provides protection and aeration.

  • 100% cotton knit material
  • Expandable rubbery sole
  • Also, when functioning for lengthy amounts of time, the foot will remain fresher.
  • It’s possible that the collapsed arches won’t be supported.



5. Skechers Sport Women’s Empire Fashion Sneaker

Skechers Sport Women's Empire Fashion Sneaker

This Skechers choice is ideal for any pregnant lady searching for the best athletic sneakers. This footwear is stylish, and they do not require lacing. They’re prepared to be worn as slip-ons, with air-coming foam padding underneath to retain you relaxed.

The shoes have a foam base and are comprised of cloth. This shoe is designed with style and convenience, with soft contours and a plain knit fabric covering. Several admirers of the company appreciate the athletic flair which the bungee lace layout supplies.


It’s is somewhat more durable than your usual slip-on, but it’s still pretty light. There have been some sewing lines, but the unusual stuff effectively hides them. Breathable and versatile, these Skechers shoes feature more than enough comfort and durability.

The suppleness of the sneakers also allows it easier and quicker for them to conform to different foot contours and measurements. In addition, the porous insole promotes ventilation throughout the footwear, maintaining the feet more relaxed.

  • With each stride, the extra comfort insole pumps air to chill the feet.
  • The outsole is grippy while remaining elastic adequate to allow for healthy foot mobility.
  • It’s slip-one, so it can’t take you longer to put them on.
  • Moisture-wicking design pulls sweat off the foot and maintains them dry.
  • There is just one width choice.
  • They promote arch support, although not to the equal extent as much as other competitors.



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6. konhill Women’s Casual Walking Shoes

best walking shoes for pregnant women

With a cotton fabric and rubber insole, this is one of the best shoes for pregnant women. The featherweight material and stretchy netting knit top create the Konhill Women’s Casual Walking Shoes pregnant belly pregnancy belly shoes among the best-ventilated footwear.

The entire construction of these sneakers renders them quite comfortable to wear. An enhanced cushioning insole is included. In addition, the Konhill Women’s Casual Walking Shoes feature exquisite stitching for long-lasting sturdiness and a traditional slip-on design.

Another ideal nursing shoe for pregnancy is a pair of soft, flexible casual walking sneakers that you may be wearing both on and off duty. They’re not only comfy but also very much fashionable! It’s the ideal match for a nursing outfit.


The delicate, lightweight textile will adapt to accommodate a wide range of foot dimensions and forms. This implies a pregnant nurse will be more confident, although if her feet swell. Slide these on fast for the workplace or a stroll outside; these sneakers will keep you comfortable all day, no problem where you will be.

It showcases a significant MD cushioning outsole that is very exceptional at cushioning the impact of each stride. These shoes have a versatile appearance that tends to make them suitable for any occasion or attire.

Many individuals regularly wear them at the gym, demonstrating their durability and dependability. The fabric is elastic enough that you may freely bend your feet and walk without becoming restricted.

  • In combination with impact resistance, the midsole and outsole enhance rebounding, allowing you to spend minimal effort.
  • This footwear may accommodate various strides and walk patterns.
  • Because the hollow stitching is highly permeable, the feet will reduce heat loss and smell.
  • These sneakers run a little bit, but it doesn’t appear to trouble most people.
  • The amount of arch stability has been deemed insufficient by specific users.



Things To Consider For Buying The Best Shoes For Pregnant Nurses

Best Shoes For Pregnant Nurses

It is relatively normal for a pregnant nurse to remain to earn throughout her pregnancy. Pregnant nurses require relaxation and a feeling of comfort and security to function successfully at work.

However, a pregnant nurse faces considerable difficulties because their profession typically requires them to be on their feet the whole day. This sector is also bustling than numerous other occupations. Because pregnancy puts additional strain on the back, feet, and legs, the appropriate shoes are critical for better working productivity. The correct pair of shoes can also assist a nurse in staying safe.

The mass increase that follows with pregnancy might exacerbate underlying foot issues. The incorrect pair of sneakers might place unnecessary pressure on the legs if they have ankle dorsiflexion concerns. The main goal should be to choose footwear that can adapt to variations in the physique and foot. Here are some more considerations for a pregnant nurse while shopping for footwear.

Stability and support

Though there are several things to hold into account when looking for appropriate pregnant shoes. Your complete body, especially your feet, is put under additional strain by the burden of another person within you. This results in puffiness, making your trotters and feet appear heavier and painful.

The best pregnant shoes are versatile enough to incorporate puffiness changes and support to relieve a few discomforts. When buying pregnant shoes, though, discomfort isn’t the only factor to address. For example, your tendons relax due to pregnancy hormones, which can lead to collapsed arches (aka flat feet). With this insight, the finest pregnant shoes also provide ankle support.

Pay attention to the sole

It is critical to be enabled to walk throughout with comfort regardless of the state of the ground surfaces. Your nursing shoes should have strong traction on the soles to reduce the danger of accidents and damage. Outsoles composed of gentler, expanded foam are recommended for pregnant nurses. Although it is not as durable as the stronger rubberized kinds, it provides a more excellent grasp. Resist soles that appear to be straight or have few creases. The outsole’s ridges and grooves are intended to offer the stability that a pregnant nurse desires.


There are a handful of factors to endure in note whenever buying pregnant shoes. As the workweek progresses, stiffness might cause pain. If your footwear is excessively stiff, it will obstruct your feet’ normal mobility when walking. You could also notice that an actual foot condition has gotten severe.

Flexibility in your sneakers reduces joints pressure and enables you to preserve your stamina reserves. As you devote more incredible hours on your feet, it’s necessary to sustain your variety of activities, and elastic shoes can support you to do so. The insoles must be comfortable and malleable, with plenty of arched protection, significantly while your bones and tendons soften in the latter stages.

Low heels

Though if you currently have accommodating, flexible shoes, you may require new pregnancy shoes. This is because your feet may enlarge a half or whole shoe size! You’ll like to leave your heels away for the time being, no matter how brilliant you are at flaunting in them.

The further forward you move, the greater your equilibrium is affected, so dodge high heels at all costs. Short, non-slip heels are recommended, as well as a lighter-weight shoe. Since, after all, the burden of holding additional pounds is the final item you desire or require.

Extra cushioning is vital.

The feet, notably the ankles, are placed under increased strain during pregnancy. Because the foot must support the person’s gravity, well-cushioned shoes will aid in overall convenience.

In addition, so much of the impact is absorbed by padding, which lowers the danger of injury. Plantar warts can be avoided by wearing shoes with cushioning. Search for footwear with consistent firmness from the heel to the toe.

Shoes must be lightweight.

Nursing shoes may be robust and enduring while being small and gentle. Lightweight shoes are smoother to walk around in and assist in minimizing muscular stress by reducing the amount of energy required in overall stride.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What shoes can I wear for nursing?

Footwear with softer to medium soles and abroad, sturdy foundations are perfect for a pregnant nurse. For these types of regions of the hospital, nurses believe that sneakers or tennis shoes are preferable. Breathable shoes are preferable since they decrease the amount of strain on the feet.

In addition, they help cut down on the quantity of power expended when jogging or walking. The substance utilized to manufacture the sneakers is also essential. The majority of nurses prefer leather and rubber. This is attributable to the fact that certain compounds do not permit fluid to pass across.

  1. Can I wear mesh shoes as a nurse?

Throughout gestation, warm and sticky feet are typical. If you purchase permeable shoes constructed of mesh fabric, you may prevent this issue. The mesh maintains your feet clean yet fresh since it contains tiny pores that enable wind to move in and out of the shoe. Which is better: mesh or leather? Sneakers may appear to be the natural option for numerous busy occupations.

However, they have a significant disadvantage for nurses. Sport shoe mesh uppers are airy and lightweight, and hence they’re difficult to keep clean.

  1. Are vans good for nurses?

Yes, because vans are slip-resistant shoes. It is considered a solid choice for nurses. Since the material allows you to gain optimal grip as you are on the move. Slip-resistant shoes have an interlocking tread structure that allows water to flow away from your foot, enabling the slip-resistant base to make an interface with the ground and give superior traction.


All of the shoes listed above contain all of the qualities that deem them suitable for pregnant nurses. When you’re pregnant, your physique goes through several transformations. This is universal human biology that nobody can dispute.

Practicing as a nurse requires a lot of movement and an energetic environment. This is why you should take care of your feet, considering they bear our entire body pressure! It’s important to understand that appropriate shoes for pregnant nurses strengthen the feet and provide relief when it’s most required. The steps and suggestions will assist you in locating the best pregnant shoes for nurses.


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