Best Walking/Running Shoes for Overpronation

It isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you overpronate because in many cases people overpronate with no ill effects. However, it can be responsible for running injuries. Therefore, it is better to get a good pair of the Best Walking/Running Shoes for Overpronation to avoid the situation.

What exactly is overpronation

Pronation can be defined as the natural position of the foot as you land on the ground during walking or running.  You normally wouldn’t have put much thought into it as it is a natural process. The way you step during running or walking does leave an impact on your feet and thus on your health. It is particularly more important if you participate in sports involving running or walking.

In overpronation, the feet rolls inward as you land on the ground during your step. This is perfectly normal but the problem arises if you overpronate more than normal people. If so, it could lead to some serious injury if not properly checked out. Some of the injuries which may develop  with over pronation include

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Heel and foot pain
  • Shin splints
  • Ankle strains

In pronation, you start to push off from the first and second toe instead of all the toes. As a consequence, the big toe and second toe comes under a lot of strain causing your foot to twist more with each step. 

How to be sure if I pronate ?

During running, feeling pain in the knees and heels is usually the first sign of suffering from an overpronation problem. One of the easiest ways to ensure if you pronate or not is to look at the bottom part of the shoe for checking signs of wear and tear.

If the majority of the wear is around the big toe side of the shoes, then there is a good chance that you overpronate. Inward tilting of the shoe is also another sign.

You may want to visit a podiatrist or a physical therapist to ensure whether you over pronate by getting a video gait analysis done. During this test, a video is recorded of you on a treadmill running and walking which helps doctors to make sure if you overpronate.

Another way of determining overpronation is 3D foot mapping which involves you stepping on a special mat with sensors which provides information to the computer about how your foot strikes the ground and helps to locate the most stressed out parts of your feet.

How to Prevent Overpronation Injuries?

A good pair of overpronation shoes can come a long way in preventing overpronation injuries. Although, these shoes cannot cure your overpronation problem but it can counter the rolling motion of the feet leaving you with healthy and comfortable feet during your long walks or runs during the entire day.

Therefore, it is very necessary to find suitable overpronation shoes which can make a huge difference for an individual who overpronates.

Features of a Shoe for Overpronation

A great pair of overpronation shoes should include the following features

  • Orthotic insoles for enhanced arch support and minimizing stress on the joints
  • Durable and shock absorbent outsole
  • A firm and Cushioned midsole 
  • Motion control to accommodate the inward rolling of the feet
  • Good support and stability

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