7 Best New Balance Shoes for Nurses – For Men and Women [in 2022]

It is not an easy profession to be a nurse. And we don’t simply mean because of the enormous strain involved in attempting to save people’s lives. To be a health worker is not only a cognitively demanding job, but it is also a physically demanding one. the Best New Balance Shoes for Nurses are the primary need of nurses either male or female.

Nurses and other medical professionals are frequently on their feet for long periods—after all, a standard nursing duty at a hospital might last up to 12 hours.

Top 7 our tested the Best New Balance Shoes for Nurses

So, if you’re on your feet all day—rushing between hospital rooms, sprinting into the operating theatre, or staying for hours during surgery—critical it’s that you wear appropriate, comfortable footwear. You can also read Best Hoka Shoes for Nurse here

1. New Balance Women’s 990 V4 Sneaker

New Balance Women's 990 V4 Sneaker


Because the shoes are available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 7 to 16, they might be an ideal choice for people of all ages. It is designed for the relatively high running shoe that can also be used to shop for groceries, and it symbolizes a design with limited attractiveness as simply a trainer.

They are a shoe that you can wear in a variety of ways. The fit is good. However, the hefty shape may cause discomfort. The New Balance 990, on the other hand, is not designed to be ultra light, which explains why the fit is adequate for their function.


New Balance created a shoe that operates on most conditions using a traditional rubber outsole that provides excellent stabilization even with lateral movement. The expanded rubber is also highly robust, which means you’ll be capable of wearing them for several seasons. However, it is not the greatest elastic outsole since, along with the midsole, it creates a platform that primarily strives to cover a wide range of functions.


The sneakers include an upper composed of mesh and pigskin, as well as a conventional tongue. At a similar time, their most excellent point in their upper. Because many individuals believe they are thick and hefty, the shoes are also regarded as a fantastic casual alternative. They can be considered to be handled by the runner who leads a healthy lifestyle.


The New Balance 990 v4 is designed for fantastic durability, and it may even be too much in this regard. The top may be made slimmer to provide a lighter feel. To provide for more excellent torsion, the midsole and outsole also can be made more sensitive. But, if New Balance’s goal were to build the ideal shoe for endurance, they’d be pretty near.

  • Upper construction is robust.
  • They are made from pigskin.
  • Rubber outsole for long-lasting wear.
  • The outsole is designed to be stable.
  • Collar foam with dual densities.
  • ENCAP midsole for long-lasting performance.
  • Some individuals dislike the fact that it is bulky.
  • It’s not the most adaptable design.
  • Not much attractive


Bottom line

Running shoes are a viable option for long-term durability and flexibility. The company’s primary goal was to create a simple design to operate and could be recognized by individuals of all ages.


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2. New Balance Women’s 623 V3 Casual Comfort

New Balance Women’s 623 V3 Casual Comfort



The New Balance MX623v3 sneakers are ideal for all-day use. They may also be worn on various hardwood surfaces because they feature a non-marking outsole.

As a result, they are a very versatile option for a wide range of people. While supporters have great hopes for the sneakers, will they be a decent upgrade?it is the perfect  new balance women’s shoes

Dimensions and Fit

The shoes’ size and fit have been somewhat altered from the earlier edition. Because they are tighter, you should consider purchasing a larger size. At a similar time, you should anticipate a small loser heel.


while not the most attractive feature of the shoes, the midsole is constructed of injection-molded EVA, which places them among some of the top alternatives for greater overall all-day convenience. While stitching can make footwear more resilient even when flexible, this is not always the situation with the MX623v3. Many individuals believe that New Balance did not stitch the inside of the heel region top, which would not cause difficulties for most customers but is seen as a lack of attention to detail.


The upper is the footwear’s primary selling point. It’s built to last, and the leather components are strengthened to provide substantial assistance for lateral motions as well. As a result, the shoes are an excellent choice for basic tasks like walking and exercise. Even in circumstances where the upper is not highly flexible, it maintains one of the primary strengths.

  • Upper of leather
  • Fit and breathability have been improved.
  • The drop of 10mm
  • Lacing in the traditional manner
  • Color alternatives.
  • A larger heel pocket.
  • Stitching downsides.
  • It does not provide the most exemplary arch support.


Bottom line

They are frequently utilized for a variety of athletic-specific activities. You may wear the shoes to the gym, out shopping, or even regularly if you want more relaxation. The shoes are among the company’s most intriguing all-purpose choices.



3. New Balance Women’s 496 V3 Walking Shoe

New Balance Women's 496 V3 Walking Shoe


If you’re a nurse who is usually sprinting beside a stretcher in the Emergency Room, following after youngsters in Pediatrics, or a traveling nurse who is always rushing from one hospital appointment to the next, this super-comfy running sneaker might be just what you’re looking for.

According to New Balance, the New Balance Women’s 496 V3 walking shoes (has an ‘ENCAP midsole’ that they define as a base of comfortable padding composed of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). These are built to withstand regular wear and tear, which is fantastic news for the long shifts nurses can work in a row. These are available in three different hues.it is the  new balance shoes  for healthcare workers


Pneumatic Mesh, Thermal Bonded Microfibre, and Elevated Welded Ripstop make up the sole’s upper. The microfibers reshape the base and forefoot while also reinforcing the area surrounding our toe tip and the lateral edge of our foot.


The New Balance Women’s 496 is committed to providing support for your walking and your stance and foot and ankle positioning. It is constructed using an STB control construction system and employs a thermoplastic framework to surround your forefoot, reducing total weight and providing excellent stability. According to reviews, this is excellent footwear closer to nature and appropriate for natural floors and grounds.


Because New Balance Women’s 496 understands that you will be jogging for hours, it is designed with open-air netting to provide sufficient breathability. The sneaker has not been sweated in at all. You may notice a bulge on the upper; this is the Aero Mesh or breathable mesh.

  • Excellent running shoe
  • Wear well
  • Excellent for nurses who perform many shifts in succession.
  • Inserts that can be removed
  • Heel stabilization
  • Breathable material
  • The disadvantage is that it may be hefty and rigid.
  • When compared to the other items on our list, this one has a higher price tag.


Bottom line

Overall, if you’re looking for a running track shoe, the New Balance Women’s 496 is the best blend of steadiness and endurance at the most affordable price. Customers expect this to be a long-term purchase that will endure for at least 2-3 years. It is better to test it on the first occasion you buy it, so you don’t get the incorrect size, but once you have it, you won’t require any other brands.



4. New Balance Women’s 840 V4 Running Shoe

New Balance Women's 840 V4 Running Shoe


The New Balance 840v4 has a superior cushioning layer for a consistent performance day in and day out. In addition, the quality components and comfortable fit of the New Balance 840v4 make it an instant classic.

New Balance utilized a full-length Air cushion midsole to provide a comfortable touchdown and a blown-rubber outsole to provide dependable grip and a comfortable ride. In addition, a breathable mesh top keeps your feet fresh on hot days, while a traditional lacing system offers a secure fit.


If the footwear were made entirely of leather, they would struggle to keep your feet aired. However, because the leather is only an overlay to the top, it also provides a solution for improved breathability. Although it will not be similar to some of the other alternatives on the marketplace, it is within the product’s requirements.


The aesthetic of the New Balance840v4 maybe its least attractive feature. Because they are not especially aesthetically appealing, they are aimed at individuals who prioritize utility above aesthetics. Even the colored alternatives aren’t any better, and some of the finest selections include pure white, all-black, and uppers with grey tones.


The New Balance Women’s 840 has an EVA stone shield to safeguard the forefoot from damage caused by sharp surfaces. In addition, the STB Control Method, which is constructed is on the front of arches, midsole, and rear of the shoe, wraps around the underneath of the foot, providing more excellent stabilization and making the shoe lightweight than other sneakers.

  • Ideal for lengthy periods of standing.
  • Assist in the reduction of foot discomfort
  • Excellent for running
  • Beneficial for people who pronate excessively.
  • The price point in the middle
  • Only arrive in three colors
  • It can be a little broad.


Bottom line

Despite the 840 v4’s significant and visible upgrades over its predecessor, many consumers were pleased that the shoe kept its lively and robust functionality. As a result, many customers were pleased with their purchases and believed the 840 v4 was a worthwhile investment.



5. New Balance Men’s 410 V5 Cushioning Trail Running Shoe

New Balance Men's 410 V5 Cushioning Trail Running Shoe


Okay, nurses, if you’re searching for a lovely shoe that also gives outstanding stability and convenience, the New Balance Men’s 410) could be the one.

This is a stylish synthetic sneaker that New Balance claims offer over-pronators an advantage. According to the firm, they paid particular attention to designing a shoe with “better cushions and durability.” These are wonderful since they are available in standard, narrow, broad, and extra-wide dimensions.


The outsole of the New Balance Men’s 410 is far superior to that of other sneakers in a similar price range. It is semi-firm, and its superb outsole with gripping capacity is praiseworthy. As a result, you won’t have to deal with many issues regardless of how rough or uneven the terrain is.


The midsole of the New Balance Men’s 410 gives the most excellent convenience of EVA cushion material and ease when walking, jogging, and running. This characteristic is built up of high-end construction, especially in this set of footwear.

  • Very appealing
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Comfort and stability are essential.
  • Beneficial for those who suffer from foot issues such as plantar fasciitis.
  • Ideal for those who suffer from knee discomfort.
  • Suitable for those who suffer from knee discomfort.
  • It is priced reasonably in comparison to a handful of others on our list.
  • a large upper
  • Stitching around the upper is very tight.
  • A little more expensive than a handful of others on our shortlist.


Bottom line

The New Balance Men’s 410 is MUST-TRY footwear because it provides the most pleasing mix of extra padding and fit. The feedback has been positive, and people are having fun while wearing it. best new balance shoes for work.



6. New Balance Women’s 412 V1 Alloy Toe Industrial Shoe

New Balance Women's 412 V1 Alloy Toe Industrial Shoe


These New Balance 412 v1 alloy toe working sneakers are a modern and light go-to solution for those who function on their feet all day. The metal toe cap is incorporated into the top to safeguard the feet, and a soft EVA insert is provided, making them an excellent everyday work partner.

In addition, a slip-resistant outsole gives you the security and durability you need to negotiate a variety of terrains. It is the best new balance shoes for standing all day.


Due to its lengthy treks over challenging terrain where foot support is not a concern, the New Balance Women’s 412 V1 gives you maximum stability and strength. It is sturdy and will keep you from twisting or slipping.


perfect for nurses, New Balance Women’s 412 V1 offers ample cushioning and is well-molded for the runner’s enjoyment. It also has OrthoLite flexible and anti-microbial insoles, which are small holes that function together to provide you with additional convenience.

  • Ideal for lengthy periods of standing.
  • Assist in the reduction of foot discomfort
  • Excellent for running
  • Beneficial for people who pronate excessively.
  • The price point in the middle
  • Only available in three colours
  • It can be a little broad.


Bottom line

The brand does not sacrifice quality and works hard to provide the best service possible. It has a comfotable design and that is build with the needs of the customers in mind. As a result, it satisfies the criteria in such a systematic manner that everyone adores it.



7. New Balance Men’s 840 V4 Running Shoe

New Balance Men's 840 V4 Running Shoe


They are particularly for runners with higher, more secure arches who do not overpronate (roll inwards) or may even supinate (move outwards).

Neutral cushion sneakers provide little to no structure or pronation assistance and are more versatile than stabilization shoes. Runners who need a neutral shoe will see more significant wear on the lateral (outside) edge of their racing sneakers’ soles. It is the best new balance shoes for male nurses.

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The dual-density FriXion rubber utilized on the outsole of the New Balance Men’s 840 is an excellent climbing substance that provides solid traction while running and walking.


Running shoes are difficult to design since excessive padding leads to increased foot pain and distorted stances. In this sense, the New Balance Men’s 840 is the best option because it has a full-length midsole. In this sense, the New Balance Men’s 840 is the Best New Balance Shoes for Nurses option because it has a full-length midsole.

  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • STB building control system
  • Mesh that breathes.
  • It’s a touch on the heavy side.
  • Several lacing changes.
  • Unfortunately, some individuals believe they are too tiny and too thin.


Bottom line

The weight of this pair of the Best New Balance Shoes for Nurses is just ideal for putting the proper amount of traction on your foot. As the company says, it has included all of the characteristics and components required to make a running shoe secure and efficient. As a result, it is the best sneakers for nurses.


Buyer Guide For The Best New Balance Shoes For Nurses

Best New Balance Shoes for NursesHow to Shop For The Best footwear for Nurses Choosing the most dependable shoes for nurses is critical for guaranteeing maximum convenience and foot health. This is especially evident if you’ve spent a long time in the healthcare field or acquired uncomfortable footwear. The finest shoes for nurses provide good stability across the sole while also protecting the wearer from chemicals and falling items.

They also make sure that healthcare workers are comfy and well during the workday. This subsection concentrates on the elements that influence footwear effectiveness to help you select the best nursing shoes. Comfortable fabrics, a supporting structure, a slip-resistant bottom, and a practical design are all included.


Whenever it refers to high healthcare shoes, most nurses prioritize comfort. This is significant since nurses devote most of their days standing, roaming, and catering to the requirements of patients. When shopping for nursing shoes, make sure the shoe has enough internal padding to keep your feet comfortable and safe. In addition, interior cushioning should be moisture-wicking, flexible, and soft for all-day comfort.


Footwear with enough support is essential for excellent foot health, balance, and convenience. Consequently, it’s critical to choose nursing shoes with a high-quality, sensitive midsole that adjusts to your freedom of motion while still providing appropriate protection.

A more incredible accommodating midsole should provide excellent heel, ankle, and lumbar assistance, as well as a proper arch to match the shape of your foot. This will assist in reducing or eliminating needless foot, leg, and back discomfort, which is frequently due to improperly constructed footwear.

Slip Resistance

In the medical field, slip-resistant footwear is preferable. Many healthcare facilities mandate nurses to wear shoes with appropriate outsoles to safeguard their safety.


Footwear companies provide a wide range of styles to meet a variety of needs and conditions. This is not any different in the healthcare sector. As a result, selecting suitable high-quality footwear significantly impacts your convenience, stability, and food safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Reebok nursing shoes worth it?

When nurses have trusted nursing footwear for years, you know they’re comfy. Nursing sneakers from Reebok include Club C and Classic Leather are the Best New Balance Shoes for Nurses. These popular nursing shoes have smooth leather uppers, a cushioned midsole, a contoured sock liner, and a long-lasting rubber outsole.

What type of shoes is best for nurses?

Nurses believe that sneakers or tennis shoes are most suited for these types of hospital environments. However, the material from which the shoes are constructed is also essential. The majority of nurses favor leather and rubber. This is because certain materials do not enable liquid to pass through them.

What type of soles is ideal for slippery surfaces?

A lightweight, elastic outsole will reduce shock and keep you from becoming fatigued. Furthermore, a smoother rubber sole tends to give the most traction on a slick surface.

How many pairs of nursing shoes should a nurse have?

The nurse usually need three to four pairs of footwear each year. Having nice shoes help nurses to carry on their work easily and manage the hectic hospital duties

Can nurses wear a converse?

Yes, you can wear Converse while wearing scrubs. The converse is similar to regular shoes that wear on various types of clothing for different activities. Still, it has distinctive characteristics and styles that set it apart from sneakers by other companies.

Final Thought

It doesn’t need rocket science to understand that nurses spend a lot of time on their feet! Nurses put in many kilometers in a day, so choosing the right shoe to support these marathon schedules is critical. New balance 990 is the best new balance shoes for nurses in 2021. Shoes that provide comfort, proper support and stability are the best nursing shoes.

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